Respect the Decks Vol 3: Chris Karns + DopeLabs + DJ Mahf (TWO STAGES)
Saturday, July 26, 2014
8:00pm - 21+
Horizon at Harry's (map)
2144 Market St
St. Louis, MO 63103
Other Info
**Yo! Adrian! presents**


**Chris Karns**
**DJ Mahf**

We are PROUD and EXCITED to bring you Respect the Decks....for the THIRD TIME!!!

In May, DJ Shiftee TORE IT UP!!! We loved the venue so much we decided to use it again! We are having LessThanThree Designs theme this party as we are celebrating two birthdays this evening: Joshua Goor and Jaizen Mokwa!!!

This event will feature TWO STAGES complete with Turbosound, lights and lasers! The MAIN STAGE (Chris Karns + Mahf) will focus mainly on Turntablism while outside will be an ALL VINYL STAGE led by DopeLabs and will be broadcast/streamed LIVE on Dubstep.fm


Respect the Decks is a Turntablist themed event focused on preserving and displaying the complicated and revered art of Turtablism based currently in Saint Louis. This concept will often feature a blend of Hip Hop, Turntablism, Electronic Dance Music, 808 & Trap Bass styling with the main focus on an out of town Turntablist act.

The tour kicked off with 'Respect the Decks Vol 1: DJ Captain Crunch' at The Demoon St Louis, MO on Friday, April 11th 2014 with the second installment, 'Respect the Decks Vol II: DJ Shiftee' on Friday, May 3rd, and 'RTD vol 3: Chris Karns + DopeLabs + DJ Mahf' makes up the tour dates so far on this unique concert series. Several local acts are hand chosen with out of town acts to bring an environment of progression, musical accomplishment, talent, skills and reflect an overall proficiency and prowess in the field of DJing and Live Performance.

Each event is tailored differently towards the out of town performers and always provides a tasteful compliment to the individual styles of the artist(s) being showcased. Please make your reservations to each event as the venues will vary and there may be limited availability of tickets depending on the legal capacity of the venue.

Your support in this endeavor is greatly appreciated and I promise to be as diverse and affordable as possible hopefully this will be something we can all enjoy in the years to come!

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-(Denver, Colorado)-

aka--**DJ Vajra**


~ DMC USA & World Champion ~ 3x Red Bull Thre3style Winner ~ Vh1 Master of the Mix Finalist ~

Few artists who identify as a producer and DJ have as impressive a resume as Chris Karns. Trusted by some of the biggest names in music to set the stage on fire with his blazing turntable skills, Karns is following up a World DMC Championship title with a starring role on VH1's "Master of the Mix" and a packed schedule of party rocking. Karns has enjoyed an undeniable reputation long-sealed by his on stage and in studio work with some industry heavyweights like Yelawolf, Bun B., Kid Rock, Paul Wall, Bassnectar and Travis Barker. This is not a man who gets on iTunes, downloads a few hits and calls it a day, but rather an accomplished master of his craft.

At a time when the word “DJ” no longer carries with it the weight of a once vibrant vinyl culture, it’s a relief there are passionate and talented artists like Chris. Since his early days inspired by his musician father and learning to scratch on a $20 belt-drive turntable, he’s rocked countless overseas and American tours, and has played everywhere from Los Angeles to New York, London to Tokyo, and everywhere in between. Since being honored with the highest possible battle title and becoming DMC World Champion, Karns is now known as one of the fastest scratchers and beat jugglers in the game, incorporating drum machines and other components into sets stacked with raw energy. When he's in front of insatiable crowds weaving together a versatile set of hip-hop, house, trap and more, Karns obviously a natural entertainer who’s set the bar high for himself and his contemporaries.

“I’m proud that I am able to achieve the goals I set for myself, whether it be shining in the biggest DJ competitions in the world, or rocking at huge festivals,” Karns surmises. “I know good things will continue to happen if I keep working hard for the love of this art form we call music".




8 - 9 (IMZA)
9 -10 (Chilly C)
10 -11 (VThom)
11 -12 (JAIZEN)
12 -1.15 (Chris Karns)
1.15 - 2.30 (DJ MAHF)


9 - 10 (Douglas Warden)
10 - 11 (Medusa)
11 - 12 (Mohawk)
12-1 (SLANTE)
1-2.30 (DOPELABS)


Ages 21+
$10 at the Door
Doors/Music: 8PM - 3AM

Please contact Adrian at [email protected] for any booking inquiries, reserving a table or questions about bottle service

Thank you all for your ENDLESS support!! Without you we could not have any of this!

Much Luv

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