So back in september of 2009 I pondered the idea of starting another radio station. The idea was people send me mixes, and I would add them to the stations playlist and they would be broadcasted. The station would be a community based station where the content could be from anyone, any genre, and any type of show, such as a DJ set, or a talk show with interviews, etc.

Well a year later I finally got the motivation to go through with it and Audiocodone.com was born!

The aim is to provide an outlet for anyone to be able to have their very own radio show centered around bass music. All you need to do to be able to broadcast your very own live show is register on the website, grab the proper software, book your time slot, and broadcast!

For the time being the station is only online when someone is broadcasting but I am currently in the process of gathering mixes from the public so that I can have something broadcasting 24/7!

So stop by and check it out!