High Rollers Ball 2
Saturday, May 12, 2012
7:00pm - 18+
2720 (map)
2720 Cherokee
St. Loius, MO, USA 63118
Other Info

_____ H I G H _ R O L L E R S _ B A L L _ 2 ___________
The biggest Dubstep Ball in St. Louis is back! 2 Levels full of Dubstep Bass!

STL, We BALL $0 HARD with bass! When your life is being controlled by Dubstep sound frequencies, colorful lights, crowds of PLUR believers, and close friends you need a event that can celebrate the joy of just being a part of a EDM scene that is one of a kind. St. Louis is known for its passionate and most vibrant crowds of concert goers in the EDM scene for decades, so we have put this night together simply to celebrate our lives as individuals that are part of making the St. Louis EDM scene what it is today. LOVE, PEACE & BASS. This is a BALL! So we encourage you to dress to impress, bust out your best formal wear and dancing shoes. It's time to get down.
---------- Nasty Rumor

Rolling in the deep ends with:

__________T H E _ W I D D L E R ________ New Jersey/ New York
Dub Plates /Dubstep

With a ton of releases starting in 2008, the musical genius, Yoni Oron aka The Widdler has become one of the most recognizable names in the US Dubstep scene. Remixing everyone from HD4000 to Jay-Z and Jekal keeps his sets fresh and on point. The few live shows The Widdler plays each year are epic and not to be missed!

___________ E S H O N E ________San Diego, CA/Albuquerque,NM
Dub Plates/ Dubstep

EshOne mixes high energy, all acetate, dubplate sets geared more for moving a crowd than pleasing the chin strokers. Raw sounding productions, with dirty drum sounds and huge, moving, sub bass lines, are the core of his unmistakable sound. Known as one of the primary North American producers who sticks to the roots of the dubstep genre, Esh has received play from some of the world's heaviest, notably including the likes of Distance, Joe Nice, Reso, and Bulletproof. EshOne's dj sets are highly focused on his own productions, however he will not hesitate to feature the freshest cuts from his Elk Beats homies and others, ranging from El-B and the Ghost Recording camp, to some of NZ's finest exports from Bulletproof and Truth. Consider your bassbins tested, your ribcage shook up, and your floors sticky.

__________ D O P E L A B S __________ San Jose, CA
Founder-CEO of Dubstep.fm

_________ S M I L O D O N __________ Minneapolis, MN
Yuk Records / Dubstep

Local Support:

__ D O O M B O X vs. DJ S P E C ___

__ H E N D R I X vs C O D Y _ B R E E Z E _____

__ THE M O H A W K vs P A H_ J E vs DR. A W K W A R D __

__ H E E Z Y vs. B L U S H _________

__ M O N D O P E _________

__ B O M M E R ___________

__ T H E _ P H A R M A S S I S T _______

__ B R O T H E R S in A R M S ________

__ D U R T_ R U S S E L L ___________


Event Info:
Ages 18+ // 21+ to Drink
$15 PreSales (only 150 Available (Inbox Nasty Rumor for details)
$20 PreSales (TBA after first round of presales run out)
$25 Day of show
[ There is a $3 Minor Surcharge at the Door for all minors!!!! ]

$100 Best Formal Dressed couple (Matching)
$50 Best Formal Dressed Male
$50 Best Formal Dressed Female

Upper Level Sound Provided by:
SubSequent Vibes

Support from:
Loyal Family
Connector Presents
Crunk Funk Music
Up & Up Productions
Elk Beats
KilliNoize Productions
SubSequent Vibes
Drop Dirty

HRB2 is brought to you by:
Nasty Rumor & 2720 Cherokee

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