The Boom Is Back - 3 Day Festival - July 2nd, 3rd, 4th
Sunday, July 4, 2010
12:00pm - All Ages
38400 Golden Valley Dr
Lebanon, OR, USA 97355
Other Info
3 Day Massive Outdoor Event!
30 + Out of State, National, or International Headliners Already Locked Down!
Line up and venue to follow

Date: July 2nd, 3rd, &4th... setup on july 2nd @ 9:00 am. Doors open @ Dusk on the 2nd
This will be held on a great classic piece of private party property.

This event is also Open to any promoters to Collaborate with us in the Pacific NW.(thus the line up not being posted yet!) Please feel free to speak up so we all can be a part of a great summer event on our nations independence day

This event will also be A 3 day event! Don't miss this!


Electro House and Hip Hop Stage By Dirty Trio

DNB Stage by Deconstruct

ACID UNICORN STAGE(sound by the Mad Beat Kluks) - Hard Techno, Glitch, House, Dubstep, and Psytrance Stage by , Starcatchers, & Acid Unicorn
all dubstep on the fourth

july fourth line up
FSTZ Rogue Dubs Kansas City MO
FSTZ - RogueDubs / Dubstep.fm / Kansas City, Missouri



Credited for introducing dubstep to the Kansas City scene with
/Kablammo!/ the areas first all dubstep event, FSTZ has been innovating
his brand of electronic dance dub since 2006. With his signature
“floor destroyer” style, there’s never a shortage of bass weight when
FSTZ is on the decks. His mixing skills have received worldwide
attention; most notably from dubstep godfather Joe Nice, who had this
to say…
/ “FSTZ was in the zone at the Czar Bar. No doubt about it. I remember
the night vividly – Thanksgiving weekend, cold outside and there was a
buzz in the air about the Mizzou football game at the club. FTSZ was
powermixing on all levels. One of the best performances I’ve seen all
year from a DJ.”/ – Joe Nice, Gourmet Beats
In 2009 FSTZ was nominated “Best Dance DJ” by the Pitch Weekly,
Kansas City’s arts and culture magazine. He has recently launched his
vinyl label, Rogue Plates, and remains an active contributor to
Dubfront Records, a Chicago based dubstep label. You can catch FSTZ
nearly every Saturday on Dubstep.fm or on a sound system near you.

The Bassist Rogue Dubs Portland Oregon
Vlad Gutierrez is no stranger to the US Northwest broken beats community. He has been spinning records since 98 and has had the opportunity to play on many international dancefloors. Relocated to Portland, OR in 2003 after being part of the "Essential Drum & Bass" crew in Barcelona,Spain. He then started "Madkraft" in 2004, a drum n' bass project alongside Invid and Mecca. In 2007 he began a transition towards Dubstep and since then this genre has become his passion. His first Dubstep release came out in 2007 on Aleutian Audio and stayed in Digital Tunes' top 10 for a couple weeks. Currently, he is busy producing beats for labels such as Hollow Point, Terminal Dusk, Requiem Audio, Simplify and Rogue Dubs. For booking inquires contact The Bassist at [email protected]

Dubious aka global Babylon N2o Bludclot records Los angelos
Dubious started out playing Ragga-Jungle and Dancehall in the British Columbia outdoor scene. As time progressed his styles widened, playing across all genres, but with roots still planted in reggae and dub. Having switched his focus to production, Dubious released tracks this year on N2o and Bludclot records while playing the Los Angeles underground. Now, armed with Ableton live and a slew of dubz, Dubious is bringing the ruffneck bizness to a new level, mashing down Babylon, one dub at a time.



DopelabsDubstepfm Seattle Washington
Since emerging in 1995, internet radio has revolutionized the broadcasting industry by giving a voice to new ideas in music that would otherwise have no mass outlet. Many DJs and producers of emergent underground styles have embraced the webcast in recent years by starting up internet radio stations with regular programming in order to self-promote by gaining exposure for their sounds and selves as artists.

Amongst the young sounds being spread by internet radio is Dubstep. Leading the movement is Dubstep.fm, and at its helm, Dubstep DJ and internet radio champion, DopeLabs. Officially on the air since April 10th, 2007, Dubstep.fm is one of the only radio stations broadcasting Dubstep at 192 Kbps and boasts the highest average numbers of listeners as well as the record for most listeners at any one time among internet radio stations of the genre. DopeLabs’ own deep knowledge of the genre (as well as deep record bins) has given rise to deeper sounds and vibes than he himself had anticipated. Here is a vinyl DJ that has, through his station’s contribution to the global underground Dubstep network, gained access to treasures among tracks. In his Dubfix sessions, he weaves them off one another for all the world to hear, shifting from movement to movement without ever losing any momentum.

DopeLabs has been involved in internet broadcasting for over 10 years. The first station he was involved with was a Trance, House, Progressive, and Breaks station, AfterHoursDJs.org. After providing administrative services for AfterHoursDJs for quite a while, he eventually took it under his wing completely.

Now DopeLabs contributes web hosting, shoutcast hosting, transcoding, and administrative services for many other radio stations such as Sub.fm, Rinse.fm, Cyba.fm, Smoothbeats.com, Iconicradio.com, Hivemind.fm, ReworkRadio.com.

When first getting into Dubstep, in addition to getting Dubstep.fm off the ground, he unofficially helped out by hosting a Shoutcast relay, providing the resources for up to 100 additional listeners when the popular Rinse.fm radio servers were at capacity. He provides transcoding services for Sub.fm, Cyba.fm, and Hivemind.fm. He also hosts the websites of Sub.fm, Hivemind.fm, Iconicradio.com, and ReworkRadio.com.

DopeLabs has worked on 2 separate web projects with Sub.fm. The first was converting the website from HTML to PHP. The second project and most recent change was a complete redesign of the entire Sub.fm website. He has also provided Cyba.fm with a handful of handy radio scripts, helped with server administration, and advised on good broadcasting practices.

As far as Shoutcast hosting goes, he provides many of the Shoutcast servers you and I connect to every day, including servers for AfterHoursDJs.org, Dubstep.fm, Sub.fm, Cyba.fm, Hivemind.fm, SmoothBeats.com, IconicRadio.com, and ReworkRadio.com.

He even provides web services for non-radio websites such as Further Sound Artist Management, and RogueDubs Records.

DopeLabs also owns a Dubstep record label aptly named Dubstep Records.

With signed artists such as The Widdler, DZ, 6Blocc, Mr. Boogie, The SubDivision, Hellfire Machina, Grifta, Triage, Tyrant, HD4000, XI, Bombaman, Roommate, Yong, and more. Dubstep Records has both digital and vinyl releases distributed worldwide.

DopeLabs’ love for the Dubstep community is second to none. His time, dedication, and love for Dubstep music and technology goes deeper than anyone could have anticipated. He believes that sharing knowledge, time, and technology with others will unite and advance the

Mortal Grey Phantom Hertz Recordings] Portland Oregon
Mortal Grey is Co-Owner of Phantom Hertz Recordings, a dubstep and drum 'n bass label based in Portland, OR. He has been mixing records since 2000 and producing almost as long. He has forthcoming releases on Tech Support Recordings, and current releases on his own label, as well as Aleutian Audio.

Dj Sence G.B.E /giganticore Portland Oregon
DJ Sen¢e is a versatile DJ whose record collection is a mirror to his musical tastes and interests.
Being a self-taught DJ, he bought his first turntables in the mid-90's when he became more involved with the underground movement of the local Portland hip-hop scene. From there, he gradually transitioned away from the smooth beats of hip-hop into the crazy breaks and beats of electronic music.
His ability to alternate between musical genres has made him a sought after performer. Finding his niche in classic gabber and West Coast dubstep, he has played for audiences all over the West Coast and Southwestern states.
Listening to his musical performance is like going on a journey that touches the heart and soul. With a passion for music and a desire to see the scene prosper, you can be sure that DJ Sen¢e will be at the head of the pack.

EKIM& flatline Late night renegades Portland Oregon

5-0-what Mad beat kluks Portland Oregon
plus with this many dope ass producers we will be trying to put together a production workshop
and open decks during the day
Progressive House, Dubstep & Techno Stage by GBE

Breaks Stage - Bend/ Northern Cali Slipmat/ Stilldream stage.... WILL BE AMAZING !!! Back and With Force!

Seattle/Washington stage Electro House - by Phase 3, Audio Driveby, Dope Kandy, And Many Others!

House Stage By W&F


ANS/PHATWIRED Stage Hard Style, Hard trance, Hard House, and Hardcore ect... A collaboration You wont want to MIss!
(No Logo's Due to, too many images on post! Dam there is A lot of Companies involved on this one!)Dubstep community.

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